Sauce Spread Dips

You want an easy dip/spread? I got one for you. A favorite between my friends. I’m always in charge of the dip, what can I say? And it is so easy too. Get your pencil and paper ready cause here it goes.

Smoked Oysters Dip Extravaganza

You need:
1 can of smoked oysters (of course)
1 medium size cream cheese (Preferably Philadelphia)
Sour cream to taste
Tabasco sauce to taste

How it is done:
Throw the can of smoked oysters in the blender. I suppose you can use the food processor, but as I started making this dip before food processors (or at least before I knew they existed), I always use the blender.LOL. Anyway, throw the oysters in the blender with the yummy oil they come with. Do not drain! That oil gives a lot of flavor. Put in about 5 spoonfuls of sour cream and blend so it all incorporates. Cut half the cream cheese and add it while still blending. If it’s too thick, add more sour cream. Get the rest of the cheese in. Add sour cream as needed to get a smooth spread or a little more to make it a dip (less thick) Add Tabasco sauce to taste. The final touch to a winner dip. Your friends are going to love you.