Effective Dry Cough Remedies During Pregnancy

Dry cough remedies has been a subject that has been facing diverse opinions as to how to address it. The coughing is very common among expectant women. It can occur at any stage of the pregnancy but is more prevalent during the last stages of the pregnancy. The condition can result out of a common cold or a viral infection and thus require some effective remedies. The problem becomes more unbearable at night leading to discomfort during sleeping. This can be potentially bad to both the expectant mother as well as the unborn child.

Dry Cough Remedies During Pregnancy

To address this problem, various measures of cough remedies outlined here should be followed. They are:

Some Good Tips

Taking hot shower can help to cure dry cough. A hot shower makes a dry cough by helping to reduce irritation caused by the dry coughs. Also, sitting on the bath tab while the hot shower is kept running is a remedy.

Try to avoid irritants can be effective as well. In many cases, allergy has been found to be the cause. Various expectant mother may be allergic to such things as insect bites, some foods, dust and perfumes. As a result, as a good remedy to coughs during pregnancy, expectant mothers should be keen to keep off from exposing themselves to agents that may cause them to have allergic reactions. Such agents may lead to dry coughs during pregnancy.


These measures if observed are very useful remedies during pregnancy. In case the dry cough did not go away after 3 days it is advisable to seek advise from doctor.  One must take note that it is not a good practice to keep trying one from another.

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